8 More Video Games That Totally Wasted Their Biggest Selling Point

How did Resident Evil 6 squander the greatest team-up of all time?!

Resident Evil 6 Chris Leon

Unlike movies or TV, video games aren't really built around one single feature, story or premise. By their very nature they're often an interplay of all of these different aspects, focusing on a multitude of different gameplay mechanics, plotlines and tones.

The very best are able to do all this while tying them to a cohesive overall theme, but the majority are content to throw everything at the wall and let players pick at whichever threads they want to pursue.

While that can make for a great time, it sometimes means that one key element the game is sold on - for instance Mass Effect: Andromeda's promise of exploring a brand new galaxy or Star Wars Battlefront 2 allegedly spinning a story from the point of view of the Empire - turns out to just be one feature amongst many, and isn't given the focus in the actual game that it probably deserves.

Suffocated by other ideas, these are premises could have set titles apart from the competition if done well, with fans waiting years to see how they were brought to life in the games themselves, only to realise later that the developers had squandered their potential.


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