8 Most Insulting Changes To Video Game Remakes

7. Removing The Bloody Fog - Silent Hill HD Collection

Resident Evil 3

Now I know that there will be a few people that will immediately point out that the Silent Hill HD Collection "isn't a remake you absolute cow eyed cud muncher" but wait my friend, holster those weird insults, as technically (and isn't that the best type?) the Silent Hill 1 title that was included in this collection was actually a remake!

And why is this? Well, it's down to the fact that Konami couldn't find the original source code for the game, thus leaving it to Hijinx Studios to recreate the majority of the title using what resources they could scrape together, and I ask you, if you have to replace the head and shaft of a broom is it the same broom? Yes but also No, so allow me to include this in the list, go on, just this once.

Plus it allows me to talk about one of the biggest whiffs since the used nappy factory and the incinerator companies down the road merged, as in this supposed polishing of a horror classic, they removed the bloody fog! Imagine even considering for a second to remove one of the key assets that made the original so atmospheric. I know it was included as a means to navigate the limited hardware, but removing it entirely only pulls back the curtain to reveal how bare the town actually is.

A terrible move from a terrible "remake".

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