8 Most Stressful QTE's In Video Game History

7. Stage 4 On Master Mode - Gitaroo Man

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To make my intentions perfectly clear, I absolutely adore Gitaroo Man.

It's a game in which you become a superhero who defeats enemies with music and plays kind of like a combination of the flash game LineRider and Guitar Hero. What's not to love?

It's also insanely difficult once you complete the game and unlock "Master Mode", which adds in new sections for all the songs, and ramps up the button prompts to utterly rude levels. The gameplay is split into two major sections, Charge where you have to play guitar to build up your health, and Battle where you need to attack the enemy's health and dodge their attacks.

The true and blue heart attack experience begins when the dodging sections kick in, as on Master mode you're going to be slamming more buttons than even an octopus could handle, and Stage Four is the absolute worst. The entire stage is set around this defending gimmick, meaning you've just got to survive against a giant space shark looking to chomp on your ship.

Problem is, is that the song in question is a Drum N' Bass track and so you're hit with a cascading flurry of attacks, and seeing as each miss takes off huge chunks of your health, you have to be on rhythm and on point.

Surviving this will leave you a sweaty mess, especially the end section that will kill you in seconds if you mess up just one note!

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