8 Nintendo Franchises That Need To Come To The Switch

Finally, home console Pokémon could become a reality.


Despite the Nintendo Switch reveal attempting to dazzle fans with its many announcements back in January, I couldn't help but feel that they weren't capitalising on their incredible back catalogue.

Household names that have been built during their 40 years of hard work in the industry were absent from the presentation, and this has left many gamers disgruntled.

At launch, we have a fantastic reinvention of Zelda, and... not much more. Breath of the Wild is the only first-party title, and although we have a few more trickling out over the course of the year in the shape of a remastered Mario Kart and a Splatoon sequel, it isn't enough for fans who have been waiting since the Gamecube era for a proper sequel to some of Nintendo's most impressive games.

Whilst it is incredible to see Nintendo return to their roots with a new 3D Mario game in Odyssey, I can't help but feel that these are all very safe bets, and we need a few fan favourites to make sure the new console sells like hot cakes.

Here's a list of franchises that Nintendo should add to the console's lineup, that would both capitalise on the Joy-Cons and invigorate the console's lineup.


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