8 Overhyped Video Games That Became Massive Disappointments

The Hype Train: Derailed Edition.

Battlefield 2042

As much as we'd like to resist its charms, the hype train is a very easy vehicle to board.

Thanks to excessive marketing campaigns, endless adverts circulating online, and of course good old media coverage thanks to review outlets in the industry, it's so easy to be swept along with sweet promises of games that are just over the horizon.

Now in all fairness, some do actually manage to live up to the hype, and in some rare cases even exceed it, yet more often than not, fans are left looking at their new game with quizzical expressions as this is most definitely not the product they thought they were getting.

Don't worry friend, we've all been stung before, so let's unite our fury at disasters, duds, and titles full of crud together, and maybe learn that ever-important lesson;

"Don't give developers your money before you've seen the actual goods"

Trust me, it'll save you a tonne of time, heartache, and money.

8. Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite

Battlefield 2042

What could have been eh?

At one point in time the Marvel Vs Capcom IP was hotter than Johnny Storm with a fever, and was dominating e-sports events left right, and center. With each passing entry, the roster and respect for the series seemed to balloon, however with Infinite, things burst in pretty spectacular fashion.

The hype was most definitely real for the game when it was announced, with publisher Capcom proudly announcing that they saw this once again becoming the fighting game of choice for pros. They even teased a new fighting mechanic that would incorporate the Infinity Stones to help players field teams of differing quality and using said stones as a leveller.

Yet the hype began to wobble intensely as soon as certain questions were asked, namely, "what the hell is up with these graphics?" and "where the hell are the X-men?" to which the devs bungled responses of "errr we'll try and fix that?" and "You don't need the X-men, other characters fill those roles anyway" only stirred the pot.

When the game landed with a thud it wasn't because of the impact of its intentions, but because its weak story mode, pathetic roster and barebones online caused it to trip and land on its face. Ouch.


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