8 Powerful Video Game Enemies That Became Weak Playable Characters

From anti-hero to zero.

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Platinum Games

We all know that feeling of getting our ass handed to us by a particularly difficult boss.

It can provide moments of abject frustration and despair amongst players to feel like they're smashing their heads against a brick wall to their enjoyment and is often made even worse when the boss in question manipulates the game to their favor.

That being said, there can be scenarios that alleviate this frustration if the game in question allows these bosses to be unlocked as playable characters, as doling out the punishment rather than receiving it is always a good laugh.

However sometimes in their transition from AI to Player controlled some enemies lose a lot of luster, either arriving to the party with weaker stats, missing abilities or just straight up being impossible to use!

So let's take a look at the foes who became friends who then became forgotten relics.

8. Carbunkle - Final Fantasy V

metal gear rising
Square Enix

So imagine the scene, you've just fought your way through the rather terrifyingly named "exdeath dungeon" in Final Fantasy V and come across a hidden boss by the name of Carbuncle.

Now imagine that before you've even had a chance to laugh at this rather weird name, that said 'buncle has now stomped your brains in thanks to it's beast-like form and its love of the Reflect spell. As we all know Magic in the FF franchise is one of the go-to options for blasting apart your foes, but now, having all your spells bounce back truly does feel like a taste of your own medicine.

And it does not taste nice.

Therefore after a hard scrap you might be excited to use Carbuncle as a summon and dispatch foes with its raw power. I mean look at that form, this thing is going to tear everything apart right...right?

Wait, where's my mega monster gone? Who's this blinged-up little rat?

That my friend is your version of Carbuncle, a summon that while admittedly casing a useful Reflect spell on all party members, does no damage whatsoever, and with the inherent drawbacks of Reflect meaning that healing spells now bounce off and heal enemies, does make you feel like you've got the "but we've got Carbuncle at home" deal.


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