8 Predicted New Features Of The PS5 And Xbox Two

8. Completely Wireless

Wireless controllers have been around for a lot of years. Nothing beats the freedom of being unattached from your console; no more knocking everything off the coffee table with flailing wires. So imagine how good it would be if the Xbox Two and PS5 had the ability to be operated with absolutely no wires at all. Wireless graphics cards are already a reality on the PC: transmitting the video signal from the computer directly to the monitor with no need for wires. In the future it's likely this will become the norm for consoles - if not all electronic devices that transmit video signals - with televisions likely to have receivers built into them. But what about a power supply? One possibility is the consoles having a self-contained power unit, charged through the use of a powermat. While these kind of charging devices are currently available, they aren't yet technologically advanced enough to be universally popular, although, come 2023 it could be a different story. Imagine popping your console on your charging mat for 10 minutes, then having 24 hours of wireless, lag-free gaming. Here's hoping the future really is wire free.
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