8 Ridiculous Video Game Unlockables That Made You Say WHAT?!

Step into the ring... Colonel Sanders?!

phantasy star portable colonel sanders

Before we begin today's Sermon On The Mount, a quick history lesson.

Despite what video game publishers will gladly insist on nowadays, there was actually a time within the industry where titles actually contained content separate from the main experience that you didn't have to pay for.

I know it seems absolutely bizarre in the current landscape to not have to pay for extras like skins, weapons, and even entire modes, but that was most definitely the case, with developers offering out extra content with the only proviso being that sometimes you had to work for it.

However, these primordial days of gaming were the equivalent of the Wild West as the types of content you could actually unlock often veered into the bizarre and downright insane at points, especially when it came to the characters you could crack open to play with.

As you filled the roster of certain titles you'd feel that age-old expression burst forth from your lips as some of the unlockables we'll be talking about today can really only be summed up with one word. WHAT?!

8. Donkey In A Glass Box - Top Gear: Overdrive

phantasy star portable colonel sanders
Snowblind Studios

When it comes to Top Gear, things weren't done by half measures, and whatever you think of the main hosts "Saggy Meat Blimp", "The One Your Mum Fancies" and "Lol. Old Man Go Slow", there's no doubt that when it came to coming up with insane and over the top challenges, things usually kicked into Overdrive.

Which is an exceptional segue because the video game of the same name that tied into the long-running British series was also packed to bursting with ludicrous content.

Outside of the main selection of cars and tracks, the N64 version hid a plethora of petrol-headed hilarity, such as a mobile Taco, an N64 logo on wheels, and our favorite racer ever, "Donkey In A Glass Box On Wheels"

Scientists have long argued about the meaning of this menagerie of items, with some positing that it's a satirical jab at The Pope and his glass housed vehicles, with the religious leader being made to look "an ass", while others have claimed it to be a long lost love letter to Team 17's Concrete Donkey weapon from Worms.

And others....just see it as a prime source of "What?!?"


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