8 RIDICULOUSLY Expensive Video Game Skins (We Totally Want)

Looking flash. Spending cash.


One of the best parts about playing video games is the sense of agency you have over your character. Your decisions and actions directly shape the events of their narratives, and can often be the difference between life or death, win or loss.

As such is it any surprise that many players become very attached to their favourites? After all you're spending countless hours pushing them along their adventures, or learning every single combo to help them come out on top, and so of course there are many of us who simply love to customise our avatars, and pay through the absolute nose to do so.

The entries on this list are examples of players not just swapping colour palettes and calling it a day, these are examples of wallets being emptied, credit cards being maxed out and loans going unpaid, all in the name of some digital dressing up.

And you know what? These skins are so cool that even the most frugal of us has to admit, if we had the cash we'd (probably) have done the same.


Article adapted from WhatCulture Gaming's Youtube channel


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