8 Secret Campaigns Hidden In Video Games

This is just the beginning.

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In a world where the cost of video games escalates higher and higher thanks to pricing models centred around paying for the vanilla experience and then slathering it in goopy microtransaction extras, getting "value for money" is becoming harder to quantify.

Sure it might come with a lengthy narrative, but if the spice of the game comes in the form of something you have to pay extra for then suddenly that base experience is looking a little bland.

Even worse is when the game clearly had content cut out of it only to be sold back to you later (looking at you Asura's Wrath and Assassins Creed II, with your "true" ending and additional chapters).

What happened to unlocking extra content to keep players engaged?

Well, fret not my friend, for while this, unfortunately, does seem to be the death of the practice, some games are hiding truly beefy content within their code, just waiting to be unlocked.

Better still, the games on this list hid entire campaigns to lose yourself in for hours.

8. Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Nier automata

When you first load up the outstandingly fun Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars game, you might be expecting a classic showdown between continents scrapping over precious resources and who can build the most nukes, especially seeing as this has been well established in the prior games.

You probably don't expect for an Alien Invasion to come and ruin the radiation party right? Well, that's exactly what happens come the mid-section of the game, with The Scrin descending to harvest both the Tiberium material from the planet and evict its current owners with horrific force.

Even more shocking than their arrival though is the knowledge that upon completing both sides of the GDI and Brotherhood of Nod campaigns you actually unlock a secret third campaign, this time detailing things from the perspective of The Scrin as they obliterate everything on the planet!

It's a fun power swing as The Scrin has access to some truly brutal units and abilities and acts as a great stress reliever after battling against them on the back foot for so long!


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