8 Secret Video Game Celebrity Cameos That Made You Say WHAT?!

Wait a minute, I KNOW that voice...

scarface Lemmy

When it comes to video games, the real-life celebrity cameo is not exactly a new thing.

From Michael Jackson heading up Moonwalker on the SNES to Peter Dinklage adding in absolutely none of his vocal charms to Destiny, a big name being attached to your video game is always going to draw eyes and hopefully cash from wallets.

That being said, sometimes things aren't as blatant as Guitar Hero teaming up with Metallica and are odd examples of real-life celebrities showing up seemingly out of nowhere in our favourite video games.

From unlockable celebs that made us scratch our heads to non-credited appearances blowing our minds, these pop culture icons decided to make a lasting impression that it can only be summed up in one word.


So let's take a look at the weird and wonderful world of video game celebrity cameos that weren't afraid to show up out of the blue.

8. Fred Durst - Fight Club

scarface Lemmy
Vivendi Universal Games[

I think it goes without saying, but Fight Club is a rather exceptional movie. It's at once a film for lovers of violence while also being a critique of that exact mentality, showing us the danger of overt masculinity and how destructive violence can be on a physical and emotional level.

Which makes the fighting video game tie in all the more strange, as this is quite literally glorifying the things that the film sets out to chastise. Yet things get even more ridiculous when you realise that alongside Abraham Lincoln, the one and only "hardest man in that shitty cap" Fred Durst is an unlockable fighter!

The sheer irony of a man who routinely stoked the first of teenage frustration and anger showing up in a game based on a movie that shows how ridiculous this lifestyle is, is pretty much the peak of things.

Plus watching the supremely toned and acrobatic Durst move around like he's a martial arts master really does put the cherry on this WTF cake. The man looks as dangerous as a passive agressive post it note in real life, but here?

Well boy howdy if this isn't Jack's Compensation For Something.


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