8 Secret Video Game Endings Not Worth Your Time

100% completion, 100% disappointment.

Sekiro shadows die twice

Who doesn't love a good old video game secret eh? Well, I guess there are people out there allergic to fun and some weird sorts that probably enjoy licking batteries more, but I digress.

Video games and secrets go hand in hand, which is probably why the shady business practices of most video game publishers and developers are kept very much off the books, but unlike those oily secrets, the ones found within the video games themselves are usually light-hearted and fun.

Maybe you'll unlock a new character, or a secret dialogue option, a new weapon or dare we dream a whole new ending to your favorite title!

However, not all secrets are created equal and so we have a slew of hidden content that just flat out is not worth your time. Whether making you tick off a tonne of busy work for a downbeat ending or just making you play the game entirely against the grain for snippets of garbage, these video games commit the cardinal sin of not just wasting your time, but actively rewarding you with a cup-a-soup of hot sick.

8. Jak And Daxter: The Precursors Legacy

Sekiro shadows die twice
Naughty Dog

Unlike some other entries on this list, getting the secret ending of the first Jak and Daxter game isn't exactly a challenging affair, despite it requiring you to 100% percent complete the game, but just because something is easy doesn't mean that it's a good use of your time. I mean opening up every pack of ham in a supermarket to sniff that weird "ham toilet water" smell that comes from them isn't exactly hard but it most certainly is a waste of your time (and will possibly net you a ban from Tescos).

I say this because after grinding out every single hidden orb in the game you can return to the DOOR OF MYSTERY TM to slot them all into place and see what lies beyond. It's a tantalizing mystery for sure, as it's never hinted as to what could be behind the door, could it be a new item? A new enemy? Or even the truth behind the Precursors as a race.

Or, as the game finally unveils it could be a fifteen-second teaser sting for the next game that shows absolutely nothing beyond there being an abundance of lightbulbs, as Jak and company all shield their eyes from the majesty of....something, before the game cuts to black. The End.

So that's all you get? So long and good luck? Well the game doesn't even recall saying "good luck" because this mystery is unveiled at the start of Jak 2, meaning you didn't even need to get the orbs to find out what was behind the door in the first bloody place!

Waste. Of. Time.


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