8 Secret Video Game Endings That Made You Say 'WHAT?!'

You waited too long and died. Roll credits.

Shenmue 3

It's impossible not to love a good video game secret ending.

Being met with an alternative way to close out the game you've invested time and money into usually is something met with joy, as it's combining the two sacred sacraments of the industry, delicious secrets, and hidden requirements in order to see these bonus bits.

Plus as these pieces of closing content aren't usually canon, it means the developers can have more fun with these moments and explore situations that are sure to leave the player bemused and confused in equal measure.

In fact, if one were to boil down these thoughts into just one word, it would have to be "WHAT?!" as this succinctly expresses the sheer befuddlement that some of the following secret endings have left us in.

So let's take a look at the best secret endings that unlocked your jaw and sent it through to the bloody floor.

8. HELIOS - Returnal

Shenmue 3

Returnal might well be the David Lynch of video games and I say that as both a huge fan of the game and of the legendary filmmakers' work, as both are divisive, invite a tonne of further reading and confront audiences with difficult subject material.

Arguably Returnal is a much more enjoyable ride than a Lynch project as you at least get to blow off some of the frustrations by annihilating enemies with sci-fi weapons, but as much as you might try, the plot of Returnal keeps dragging you down to the watery depths.

It's very possible to come out the other side of the game with little to no understanding of what transpired, and there's no shame in that as it's told in a rather obtuse manner.

However, if you really want to set your brain to "absolute melted cheese" then try digesting the super-secret ending.

Gained by collecting hidden fragments and using the car key after defeating the final boss, you'll be treated to a series of events that will have subtext hounds tearing the seams of their trousers with excitement. Here you witness a pregnant alien-like creature, a POV from the astronaut witnessing the crash, a frantic swim to the surface, and finally, a gasped "Helios" as we finally end the scene.

From what internet super sleuths have gathered, this scene is meant to represent our main protagonist's cycle of grief for abandoning her son in a car accident to drown, and her repressed feelings manifesting as monstrous creatures.

However, I can sum this up in one word for you, take a guess what it is.

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