8 Seriously Impressive Ways People Have Completed Popular Video Games

Playing Dark Souls with a load of bananas. Because video games.

Dark Souls Bananas

Gaming is all about the challenge, and whilst most of us are happy to settle for the feat of simply beating a game, that mundane achievement is often too little for the hardcore set. There are some people who won't simply settle for all the achievements and trophies, pushing themselves in bizarre and often impressive ways, simply to test their skill at playing a game (alongside making internet history).

Challenge runs are a big thing in nearly every game, with speedruns and wacky restraints being all the rage when it comes to categorising who gets to claim what. There are players out there enforcing strict and often bizarre additional rules simply to say that they have completed it under those conditions - though the reality is, nobody is ever going to replicate their setup in the first place. Completing Dark Souls with a multi banana-wired controller? That record's probably in the bag.

The people who have gone to sometimes stupidly brilliant lengths to play their favourite games are who we're here to celebrate, and all for the praise of more random people online. Society may say video games are a waste of time, but here are eight gaming legends who have completed popular games in some of the most impressive and creative ways known to humankind...

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