8 Spooky Gaming Urban Legends That Will Give You Nightmares

1311560123.jc-the-hyena_soniccreepy1 Ever since kids have played video games, there have been multiple rumours about secrets characters, levels, items and even €“ in the case of Tomb Raider €“ how to make your character appear naked. Most of us gullible gamers would spend weekends trying to find things such as Luigi in Super Mario 64, before coming to the realisation that usually they aren't true. In recent years a trend for game related 'creepy pasta' fan fictions have became more popular with the gaming community. A 'creepy pasta' is basically a dark and disturbing horror story which is usually told from a first person point of view. Some of them involve nostalgia, such as cartoons or gaming, and others are elaborate ghost stories. The most of which is Slender Man, which has since been made into a pretty terrifying game. These stories usually become urban legends, as most of them are somewhat believable. The most interesting ones involve video games, but there were plenty of urban legends related to gaming before the creepy pasta phenomenon, and the phrase 'urban Legend of Zelda' is sometimes coined when referring to these stories. This list is the scariest stories on the web and have been known to affect the reader as much to cause nightmares or put them off playing video games at night.

Honourable Mentions: Sonic CD €“ Creepy Disc, Sonic.exe & Tails Doll

'fun is infinite with Sega enterprises' Sonic CD was released in 1993 when games with the blue Sega mascot were actually great! This was one of the few games released on the Sega CD and gave the Mega Drive extra capacity for better graphics, music and memory. One of the things found on the actual disc for Sonic CD was a screen featuring Sonic's body with a stretched human face on it, accompanied by Japanese text reading: €œFun is Infinite with Sega Enterprise,€ and some extremely unsettling music. This music is used for the US version€™s boss battles but not used for the Japanese or European versions, which also leads to some bizarre theories. The reason this misses the Top 10 is the fact it is easily unlockable by entering a code on the controller. The rest of the entries on this list are still yet to be proven or disputed. Sonic.exe is also well known 'creepy pasta' about a bizarre Sonic 3 mod which features an evil demon-like sonic and a lot of blood. However, while unsettling, these mods or hacks aren't as scary as some other entries on the list. The tale of the 'Tails doll' (pardon the pun) is a story of some gamers who acquire a Sega Saturn and want to play a Sonic game. They get a pre-owned copy of Sonic R and select the tails doll. not only does the music play backwards but the doll itself jumps out of the screen to attack them. Frankly, I don't see anyone believing that one.

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