8 Terrible Video Games With AWESOME Stories

Come for the story, leave for the gameplay.

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Despite what many forebearers of the video game industry would have you believe, narrative and stories are a huge reason why video games have exploded in popularity over the last few decades.

With titles weaving lengthy and immersive narratives it's never been easier to escape reality and dive headfirst into a world of adventure and fantasy.

A well-constructed narrative gives players an emotional anchor to latch on to, and if it's good enough will pull them through from start to finish and quite possibly leave them speaking about the events they witnessed for years to come.

In fact, sometimes a story can be that damn good that it actually carries mediocre gameplay over the finishing line, with players more engaged with the plot than the actual mechanical day-to-day they had to endure.

Such are the examples of this list, of video games that had all the right ideas, but maybe didn't translate that into exciting gameplay well enough to have it stand on its own.

It's a testament to the writing quality of these titles, but also a bit of a shame that some of these games were dragged down by their gameplay, burying great stories in the process.


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8. Death Stranding

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Now the joke could easily be made that no one actually understands the story of Death Stranding enough for it to be listed as being "awesome", but when you look at the threads of this strand genre game that do make sense, then you really are witness to something pretty special.

Sure, the messages of connecting with your fellow man, treating each other with respect and pulling together as a society are about as subtle as a brick to the face, but at their core these are actually pretty bloody essential mantras that we should all imbue within ourselves!

Even when the game is getting abstract you can never say it's boring, however you can say this exactly when it comes to its gameplay.

Or at least, that's what the internet with have you believe.

It does seem that the moment that people take control of Sam was the moment the fanbase divided sharply. Some loved the laboriously slow and methodical walking mechanics and delivery mission-centric gameplay, others hated being Post-Apocalypse Postman Pat, and derided the meat of the game as being the worst bit about the experience.

Whatever your take there's no denying that the narrative of Death Stranding was different, and in this day an age that actually counts for more than you'd think.

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