8 Terrifying Facts & Predictions About The Future Of Gaming

Single player games are dead. Long live single player games.

God Of War Kratos

Whether we're ready or not - and looking to general sales figures for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, the sentiment would be a resounding "why now?!" - another console cycle is kicking off later this year.

Granted, it seems to be coming entirely from Microsoft, who after a disastrous generation of lacklustre first-party offerings, hardware rejigs and godawful brand messaging, are washing their hands of the last six years and starting anew, dropping an all-digital Xbox at E3 2019.

I'll get to breaking down everything we know about the next systems in the pipeline, as sufficed to say, the next generation of consoles is going to look drastically different than what we have now, with the most insane thing being, that they won't "look" like anything at all.

Confused? You should be. The industry is making like Ghost in the Shell (the original) and slowly becoming nothing more than data. To adequately break down the whys and wherefores, it involves dissecting trends we've seen emerge this generation, some choice interview snippets from those at the top, and a lot of connecting the dots.

It's not all as spurious as you think though, and sufficed to say, the end of the next console generation, will leave gamers in a truly fascinating place.

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