8 Terrifying Game Overs That Make Dying Even Worse

Drowning is my favourite.


Dying really sucks, doesn't it? Costing us anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 hours of gameplay, death in video games range from a little "Be better" slap on the wrist to potentially having to redo entire dungeons, chapters, or in the case of roguelikes, the entire playthrough.

Because death in video games isn't devastating enough, there are some instances of brutal untimely demises that are so horrifying that they make the sting of failure hurt a whole lot more. Not only do we fear death as a time-waster, but also as an unnecessarily stressful, blood pressure-raising, horrifying experience.

Many of these games we played as children, and in hindsight, it's no wonder we still look back on them and remember the game over screens invading our dreams at night.

Video games that don't neatly bury you in a flower-covered grave often present you with intensely gory massacres that are difficult to watch, tense jumpscares that set your heart racing, or chillingly silent deaths that feel far too real.

Maybe this was gaming's way of encouraging us to get good - to avoid experiencing these dramatic sequences, we would have to hone our skills and become masters of the craft to avoid death at all costs.

Or maybe gaming is just an a**hole.

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