8 Things Rockstar Games NEED Right Now

GTA Online has given us years of fun... but it has to end eventually.

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We're on the cusp of a new generation of consoles, and Rockstar, like most video game companies, finds itself in a period of transition. The studio/publisher has dominated the last two console generations with new entries in the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead franchises, while other titles, like L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3, were also well received critically and commercially.

In many ways they're the darlings of the industry, but Rockstar aren't perfect. And as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X beckon, there are certain changes that need to be made. For all that Rockstar have turned in back-to-back critical hits, there have been calls for the studio to innovate on their approach to making video games, whether that be about the kind of games they're making, the IPs they utilise, or even how they support certain titles post-launch.

It may be a case of 'how do you improve something that's already perfect?', but it's doubtless Rockstar themselves would argue that improvements aren't there to be made. In fact, they're constantly innovating in all sorts of ways all the time, pioneering new approaches to gameplay and storytelling in near enough every title they develop or publish.

The issue here rather is that an unwelcome sense of familiarity is beginning to grace their releases. Changes are necessary, both for the future, and for the here and now.

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