8 Times Fan Backlash Killed Video Game Sequels

8. Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell

The more time we get away from the last Splinter Cell i.e. 2013's Blacklist, the less likely it feels as though Ubisoft will ever make another.

Simply put: The deck is too stacked against them.

Besides the stealth genre completely going away, being resided to "hide in the tall grass", rather than having dedicated entries other than something like Hitman, Splinter Cell itself was rallied against for ditching iconic actor Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher.

It got so bad that Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillermot said many of their own development teams simply didn't want to touch the IP, leading to what's now almost a decade without a sequel. The best we've had is some Ghost Recon DLC, a cameo in mobile game Elite Squad and Sam popping up as an Operator in Rainbow Six: Siege, yet his name is now "Zero".

One hell of a new codename, considering his apparent current worth outside of the core fandom.

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