8 Times The Video Game Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight

If only they knew.

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Say what you want about the different pros and cons of storytelling in movies versus video games - the latter can sometimes do a serial killer-style reveal better than anyone.

Partly down to the average length of a game circling the 10 hour mark - meaning you've had plenty time to be taken on a ride, knocked for a loop or thoroughly deceived - there's also the reality of piecing together all the clues and doing the legwork yourself.

Great murder-mysteries like Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, L.A. Noire or The Vanishing of Ethan Carter know how to lead you down a number of paths, giving credence to each, only to whip away the foundations and surprise you before the end credits.

Of all the ways to do "the big reveal" then, what are the best?

It's definitely the case that the 2000s saw an explosion of story-fuelled video games, but the 2010s were powered by a real maturation of the medium - something that when folded back into a seismic plot twist, can stick with you like nothing else.


Lesser-known spoilers included for Telltale's Batman, Judgment, Hotline Miami 2 and Persona 4.

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