8 Tiny Horror Game Mistakes That Got You Killed

You're gonna wanna walk PAST the facehugger.

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If, whilst playing a game, you make a huge catastrophic mistake and it ends up with you and your party all dying, you only have yourself to blame. Everyone else can blame you too, you messed up and you messed up big time. Face the consequences, buddy.

Now nobody is perfect and we all mess up once in a while, but if you mess up in this huge fashion then it's fair enough that you get set back a bit. It doesn't feel too wrong that you died in-game, and you're willing to grind back to where you were even if it's inconvenient.

The scenario feels rather different though when the mistake that kills you is unbelievable tiny or silly - the kind of mistake that you could barely conceive of having deadly consequences.

There are a million ways to die in horror games (because as per the name, they're usually packed full of monsters trying to kill you), but sometimes it's the unexpected, unjustified ways that piss you off the most.

Why go out in a blaze of glory when you can be assassinated for touching the wrong tile, eh?

8. Resident Evil 4 - Going Too Hard On The Fishing

alien isolation

If you’re in a bit of a silly, goofy mood playing Resident Evil 4, you might just want to have some fun shooting at the fish in the water. I will honestly say that accidentally summoning a giant sea-beast is a legitimate mistake because no reasonable person could foresee the consequence.

Though it’s now a fairly well-known gag now, if you didn’t see Resident Evil 4’s water visitor coming because you’d never heard of it happening before, then who can blame you for this little mistake?

Sometimes shooting fish can give you rewards, and it’s a welcome respite from the harder, more intense sections of the game. However on this particular occasion it would result in the catfish-tadpole-eel-ish looking beast (the roundabout way of calling it an oversized, mutated salamander) that is Del Lago bursting up from the depths to devour you.

Any fish-shooting in the future will certainly be conducted with more caution!


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