8 Tiny Issues That RUINED Blockbuster Video Game Launches

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Even when it comes to the most corporate, focus-tested blockbuster releases, it would be wrong to say that all video games aren't created from the blood, sweat and tears of dedicated developers.

The industry is full to the brim with passionate people looking to craft creative, imaginative products, and over the course of years, long nights and weekends, they come together to create something special that's then released to the world.

You can imagine the frustration that comes then, if something goes terribly wrong once launch day arrives. The annoyance after working on a game for so long, only for all that hard work to come tumbling down (at least initially) thanks to a tiny issue that takes on a life of its own.

Maybe it's a small problem that unassumingly takes down the larger whole, or one which is blown up by fans and the media and subsequently overshadows the rest of the game, but either way a tiny issue can completely ruin the launch of a major title.

Sometimes the developers are able to get a fix out and salvage their reputation, but other times it's not quite so easy...

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