8 Titles That Proved Licensed Video Games Can Be Awesome

7. Rainbow Six

The Rainbow Six video game series is unusual in that it is based on a novel. Red Storm Entertainment developed the original game as Tom Clancy was writing the book. It follows the same premise as the author€™s story, seeing a multinational counter-terrorism squad tackling threats in various locations throughout the world. The series took first-person shooters in a new direction. Rather than focus on fast-paced action and charging into firefights, Rainbow Six put the emphasis on using tactics and teamwork to accomplish objectives. The games usually see you take on the role of a squad leader, commanding a small team in close quarters combat. This has led to a more patient approach to combat. Praise for series has often focused on its co-operative modes as well as realistic gameplay and graphics. The competitive multiplayer aspect of the games is also often viewed in a very positive manner, which requires teams work together and create loadouts for each situation. Since the original game released in 1998 there have been over 15 games and expansions on various platforms, establishing the series as one of Ubisoft€™s most popular franchises. The latest game in the series Rainbow 6: Patriots, has had something of a troubled development but is set to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the near future.
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