8 ULTRA Rare Video Game Items You’ll Never Own

Real-world items, skins or weapons you can't find anymore.

overwatch pink mercy

If there's one thing the gaming industry loves to monetise, it's exclusivity.

Being the first person to see something, the first to play it - maybe even paying an extra fee for a few day's worth of earlier access, just to say that you got there first.

From platform-specific DLC packs, characters or items to all-out platform exclusives only available on a certain manufacturer's systems, gating content has defined the history of the medium, and remains a core pillar of someone like Nintendo's entire business model.

At this stage in gaming's lifecycle though, with various "games as a service" supplying fanbases with conveyor belts of rewards and reasons to stick around, the majority of any IP's output has been mined and regurgitated. Rarity is money, and if you're sitting on a costume or piece of content that could be cashed in on, why wouldn't you?

Well, that's not always the case, and some video game items were "one and done"-type deals, that will never change, no matter how long we wait.

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