8 Video Game Achievements You Cheated To Unlock

Nobody likes a cheater, but we've all done it.


The moment that the first wave of achievements and trophies were rolled out for launch titles on the PS3 and Xbox 360, was the exact point in time that doomed a portion of humanity.

It might seem all nice and friendly with the clean cut gamerscore profile allowing you to show your friends what incredible feats of gaming skill you've pulled off, and the sound of a trophy popping is so crisp and satisfying that it motivated many to try and complete games one hundred percent, but underneath the smiling veneer was a monster looking to sink it's teeth into your time, patience and very soul.

For you see, with the coming of the 'cheevs came the ability for developers to push players to their limits and beyond, to the point that if you wanted to see that glorious one hundred percent pop, you'd have to dedicate a considerable portion of your life solely to one game.

Therefore is it any wonder that some players looked to take, let's just call them, less conventional routes, and cheated, tricked, and cheesed their way to the top.

Hell, if the developer isn't playing fair, why should you?

8. Yes, I Am The Real Garry! - Garry's Mod


Garry's Mod, what a beautifully chaotic experience you are.

In a move that seemed to be Valve just saying "fine, you do it then" this intensive physics sandbox title pretty much lets players run wild, allowing them to create all sorts of wonderous game modes, levels, and scenarios using a wide array of assets from Big V.

It also, to the chagrin of some, contained achievements, most of which aimed at pushing players to get creative in a literal sense in order to unlock them, but a handful of these simply pushed them to breaking point.

Of the rarest, one sticks out as especially harsh to those looking to grab it, in that the "Yes, I Am The Real Garry!" would only pop if you happened to be in a game with the real-life creator of the title Garry Newman. Since Garry has moved on to titles other than his own long ago, and the last event he held to help people unlock the trophy was in 2018, it's impossible to pop this legitimately, and yet you still see some players rocking this from time to time, calling into question just how they got this to unlock.

Maybe their claims of their dad working for Valve and having an inside scoop were actually real? or maybe they're just dirty cheaters.

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