8 Video Game Achievements You Cheated To Unlock

6. The Few And The Proud + The Untouchables - XCOM 2


Oh, XCOM, why do you hate me so?

Is it because I curse your very name from the moment I boot up any of your titles? Or because I get the keyboard all salty with my tears of rage when I miss a pretty much guaranteed shot because of your frankly bs RNG? Or do you hate me because I will do anything and everything I can to utterly humble you and have made it my life goal to 100% each title you put out?

It's been a rough ride for sure, and the addition of Ironman mode truly has been like trying to climb a mountain while a person in front of you kicks you in the teeth at every step, but I alongside the other XCOM-munity are not afraid to cheese you harder than being dunked in fondue from time to time.

Take for example "The Few And The Proud" and "The Untouchables" 'cheevs from XCOM 2, which pretty much require you to save-scum your way to victory.

The requirements of beating the game on Commander or higher difficulty are not losing a single squad member, or not buying a single squad size upgrade, and these cannot be completed without perfect RNG - something you'll have to roll for again and again if you ever want to unlock.

While save-scumming isn't straight up cheating you are manipulating events in your favor, but in cases like this? maybe we should just count it as levelling the playing field.

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