8 Video Game Boss Fights You CAN'T LOSE

Well... that was easy.

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As we've said many times before on this portal of joy known as WhatCulture.com, there's very little quite as enjoyable as a good boss fight.

Putting those skills you've learned up until that point in the game to the test alongside some unique mechanics or environments can make for the standout moments in a title, and there are even some franchises that lean so far into these moments that boss battles are basically all they're known for.

However as in life, not all bosses are created equal, and as such can range wildly in audience reception, delivery, and of course difficulty, and while some boss battles might tip the scale into a pit of spikes for how much they love abusing the player, the bosses we're talking about today were about as damaging as a warm sponge bath with a side of cucumber sandwiches.

While some of these foes might look intimidating it's next to impossible, if not entirely so, to lose to them in combat, making them into community punch lines that leave their skull and egos bruised beyond belief.

8. The Mist Noble - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

borderlands 2

I think it's safe to say that when it comes to boss battles, developers From Software really do wear the crown as the kings of crushing players over and over, as across their long tenure they've provided some of the greatest encounters ever burned to disc.

That being said, there always has to be someone at the bottom of the pile, that poor soul on which the entire community absolutely spits on for how easy or completely rubbish they are, and while many might assume that the likes of Pinwheel from Dark Souls would be sitting pretty in this list entry, even he can cast judgment over the Mist Noble as this guy?

Well, this guy sucks eggs.

To some Sekrio players, this "battle" with the Mist Noble might not even be considered a boss battle as the challenge here is just getting to the Noble in the first place as the area is covered in a thick shroud meaning you have to piece together a path to brighten the day by significantly darkening his own. Once you drop into the recording sessions of "Now That's What I Call Annoying Fluting Volume 10" the fight is pretty much over as this fella hits with all the power of a blancmange, meaning you'd have to let him attack you A LOT before you even had to worry about health.

A few swift chops and it's all over, leaving the player likely more confused about what just happened than anything else.

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