8 Video Game Bosses The AI Killed For You

Stand back, I've got this.

Akuma street fighter

There's few feeling as satisfying as taking on and defeating a tough video game boss. It's a chance to showcase all you've learned in the game up to that point and can often push you beyond your limits as you factor in new ways to use your powers or sometimes having to work without them.

With that in mind, it's really suprising that some video games actually take these fights that have been dangled in front of your face for ages and do away with them in the blink of an eye by having either another boss take their place or having your party kill the beast for you.

I mean it's nice and all that they've saved us the hassle, but at the same time come on, this is a video game. We want more, not less!

Sometimes this trope has been used to great effect, and other times it serves as a detriment to the title in question, but we're exploring both today as these are video game bosses bested by their own AI.

8. Dark Aeons - Final Fantasy X

Akuma street fighter
Square Enix

God Bless Yojimbo.

Not only is this absolute lad such a brilliantly designed character from an aesthetical point of view, but his stoic and calm demeanor cuts through the frenzy of battle as much as his blade will. In short, I think he's very, very cool and I love his little dog Daigoro.

He can also utterly obliterate bosses for you in a single move! That's right, he can even cut the monstrously hard Dark Aeons in two with his Zanmato attack! However, this is just one, teeny-tiny catch.

You need to have the funds of Scrooge McDuck in order to afford this one-shot beatdown.

Still, if you've got the pennies to unleash the punishment, Yojimbo can defeat any boss for you quick sharp, turning what might be hours and hours of futile battling against FFX's toughest bosses into an utter joke. Still, it's one which we find very, very funny.


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