8 Video Game Crossovers That Made You Say WHAT?!

When the best Monster Hunter weapon is a pizza box??

monster hunter frontier pizza hut

There's nothing quite like that surge of excitement that comes with unlocking a new character to play as.

Whether it's a boss turned ally or an elusive figure that has finally come out of the shadows, expanding the party with new tricks and skills is never a dull time, especially when said figure doesn't actually come from the game series you're currently playing.

Time and time again developers have colluded with other franchises to digitally port their IPs into other games, resulting in a huge jaw drop from fans who never expected to see familiar faces pop up in new locales or because their mere existence in the game is causing all sorts of mind-melting.

Sometimes the crossovers go so far as to be made the focal part of the game, and even though it becomes the main selling point, can still make players cry out in unison with that age-old expression of confusion, amazement, and downright disbelief.

Also known as "WHAT?!"

8. Pokémon And Dynasty Warriors - Pokémon Conquest

monster hunter frontier pizza hut

So I don't know if I've mentioned this a couple of hundred times, but I'm quite partial to a bit of "Pretending I'm a God Of The Three Kingdoms and smashing enemies into orbit" also known as the Dynasty Warriors franchise.

No matter how many times this story is retold, repackaged and reeeeeeally dragging things out with who to add in to the roster next, I will buy each and every Dynasty Warriors game without fail (even the bad ones) so I can punish my thumbs for the crime of being attached to this stupid body. I even delve into the offshoot games that spawned from dalliances with Gundam, Persona, and The Legend Of Zelda, each of which added their own sauce to the meaty steak that was the original DW experience.

Yet none of them were as mad as when Dynasty Warriors decided to strike up the band and Charleston its way over to the good fellows at Game Freak and ask for a dance, as Pokemon Conquest was absolutely nuts.

Not only was this a fusing of two very, very different IPs but it also presented a brand new battle system reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics, making this a game full of familiar concepts but served in a totally new way.

Yet the best thing about this fusion? It's that it was genuinely brilliant, offering up a beautifully realized world, compelling storylines, adorable moments between some of the cast and their creatures, and of course a sumptuous combat loop that rewarded careful planning as much as it did wading in an beating the piss out of your enemies.


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