8 Video Game Easter Eggs Made Out Of Spite

A joke's a joke, right?

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Who doesn't love a good video game Easter Egg from time to time?

After slogging your way through endless dungeons or exploring vast open worlds, isn't it nice to stumble across a secret or reference to the wider video game industry to lighten the mood and offer a little pat on the back for an area well explored?

Well, sometimes you might regret looking under every pixellated pebble, as the devs (or just one dev in particular) may have taken it upon themselves to place a little nugget that is less shiny and more absolutely stinky.

Insults, complaints about co-workers, or rants about their bosses, all these examples prove above all else, that while the end result of a video game is meant to be entertainment, the processes behind the curtains are anything but.

So let's have a walk through the minefields of Easter Eggs made of mean-spirited taunting and downright anger together shall we?

8. Read Between The Lines - Cannon Fodder

Mercenaries 2

When you look at the titles under Sensible Software's belt you might actually start to realize, shock horror, that they don't actually make titles as sensible as their name would suggest.

Far from it in fact as the likes of Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder ended up being the most ridiculous of spectacles for all the right reasons. Cannon Fodder especially took the world by storm that's to its rather worryingly cute approach to war, which would see the player escort a group of commandos through levels jam-packed with explosives and enemies with the sole goal of "try not to get everyone killed".

It seemed like this tongue-in-cheek approach to dark comedy infiltrated every aspect of the development process, as the team hid a number of rude and taunting messages to both the player and their publisher Virgin Interactive.

The latter was mocked by having text written all over their logo advertising "free sex" which you could only find if you took the splash logo and inverted colors and contrast, and the former coming in the form of the player being utterly ridiculed by the games End Screen.

Can't see it yet? Well, read the first letter of "Far out", "Unreal", "Crazy dude!", "Kool, babe", "Yippeee!", "Outrageous" and "Uurgggggh!" and you'll see that it spells...well...yeah.

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