8 Video Game Easter Eggs Only Hardcore Fans Will Understand

Unearthing gems for the REAL fans.

Botw Lon Lon

Video game Easter eggs are ten a penny in this day and age aren't they? It seems everywhere you look there's a reference to a pop culture feature that's immediately dated, or a film or game that served as a reference point for the one you're playing, and no matter the subject, one thing usually connects them all. And that is that the "nod" has to be something we'll all actually understand.

After all, what's the point of making a reference that only a handful of people, likely the devs, will actually register?

Well, these eight entries sit somewhere in between these two milestones, as they are Easter eggs that not everyone is going to "get" but truly reward the hardcore of fans in on the joke. These are moments that pay respect to the hours spent in previous titles, of knowledge of the developers themselves or even better, of real life moments that were truly impactful.

Don't be ashamed if you don't know some of these, because together we'll educate the masses on what true Easter eggs look like.

8. Who Would Think Of Doing Something So Disgusting? - Silent Hill 3

Botw Lon Lon

Horror video games often ask players to confront their deepest and darkest fears, and more often than not you'll be forced to make your chosen avatar do some deeply disturbing things. Things like going into places you otherwise wouldn't be in the same area code as, taking on villains whose shadow would make us scream, or as was in the case of Silent Hill 2, making us reach into a dirty toilet to fish out some goodies.

Now James Sunderland is a man going through an awful lot so maybe we should be a little bit more lenient with his amateur plumbing desires, but still, you wouldn't catch me dead putting my arm down a u-bend of any of these bogs. Look at the state of them.

Which actually is what makes an Easter egg in Silent Hill 3 all the more rewarding, for when Heather is asked to do the same sort of exploration, if you have a save file of Silent Hill 2 on your memory card, the game will trigger a special cutscene.

Heather turns to the camera and asks, "Who would even think of doing something so disgusting?", breaking the fourth wall and acting as a lovely nod to fans of the series.


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