8 Video Game Easter Eggs Only Hardcore Fans Will Understand

7. Lon Lon Ranch - The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


It goes without saying that Ocarina of Time might well be one of the best know (and most cherished) entries in the Legend of Zelda franchise, having wowed players the world over and likely being a hefty pillar of many a childhood. Yet as the years have gone on, the franchise has only grown and grown, and while Ocarina will never fade into obscurity, it's been buried in a slew of new games.

Which is why it's so touching to find some lovely nods to the title in Breath Of The Wild that uneducated LOZ fans might completely bypass. As you explore you'll come across a run down farmstead, which might not mean anything to younger or newer fans, but may well cause a tear to form in the eyes of older veterans, as this location bears an uncanny resemblance to Lon Lon Ranch from OOT, the location where Epona, your loyal steed, originally came from.

It's actually quite haunting to see it in this form.


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