8 Video Game Enemies That Made You Say WHAT?!

Mechanical Haunted Houses? Cucumbers With Spears? Deadly Rabbits?!

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In much the same way that a film might only be as strong as it's antagonist, so too are video games often defined by their enemies. After all that quest to save the land from the forces of evil sure does feel a lot more fun when you're going up against mobs of interesting enemies each with their own crazy designs and skillsets. In fact, even the most basic of video game enemies act as a pseudo-mini-challenge for the player to overcome which can be informed by their design.

Spikes on the top of it? Maybe best not jump on this bad boy's bonce. Massive shield protecting it from the front? Well friend it's time to dodge past and kick some bloody spines in! As such it's very possible for a developer to inform players how to defeat tougher enemies, and even final bosses, all without explicitly telling them what to do, all by using designs for lower-level enemies as an educational experience. You have to feel a bit sorry for the poor chaps whose skulls now adorn your mantle but still, LESSONS LEARNED eh?

Well the enemies on this list, they had a different message to convey, as their designs were so off the wall, so utterly out there, that the only thing garnered from fighting them could usually be boiled down to a single word...."WHAT?!"

Let's take a walk.

8. Monstrosity Of Sin - Dark Souls 3

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We begin our whistlestop tour of weird by stepping into the devastatingly punishing world of Dark Souls. Now, normally Dark Souls enemies are either designed to be as intimidating or to be so foul that sheer repulsion will inform you to STAY AWAY at all costs.

However, even in this deluge of disgusting sits one enemy who is so utterly gross that it can't help but make you recoil at how odd the thing is. I'm speaking of course about the Monstrosity Of Sin from Dark Souls 3, which to the untrained eye looks like a naked overweight dude with a massive hand for a face. Now the first part alone should be enough to make your skin invert as who wants to see John Goodman all oiled up sliding around the place in the buff, well much like the writing for The Walking Dead TV Series, it just gets worse from here.

Inside this horrific face-mouth are rows and rows of slobber-covered teeth, and underneath the hulking beast is a mass of unblinking eyes. I know right? Hot stuff.

Of all the foul beasts encountered in this series, The Monstrosity Of Sin haunts my deepest nightmares. Their design, their attacks, the fact that there's only four of them in the entire game, and sparse lore about them even at the best of times elicits "What?" from every corner of the mind.

What is that? What are they doing? WHAT THE f**k THEY DRAIN SOULS WHEN THEY GRAB YOU?


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