8 Video Game Enemies You Never Got To Fight!

Wait... it's over?

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I think it's safe to say that when it comes to video games as a medium, there's rarely a better experience than a good, old-fashioned boss battle.

Squaring up against the Big Evil of the land with your party, or alone with nothing but your wits and your equipment to aid you is a scenario that many gamers salivate over, as here it's like a culmination of all the skills you've learned across the prior areas finally being put to the test in a winner takes all fight to the death.

With new stage rules, unforeseen challenges imposed by the boss themselves, and outside factors like time limits and draining health, these moments are usually so tense that they might give you a cramp just by looking at them, but ultimately they are a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

So then, imagine our poor little faces when it turns out that this huge imposing figure whose shadow makes you soil yourself doesn't even show up to battle in the title, or worst still is hand-waved away via a cutscene, dispatched before we even had a chance to get warmed up!

8. Harley Quinn - Batman: Arkham Asylum

Illusive Man Mass Effect 2

It's pretty common knowledge that Batman truly does have one of the best Rogues Galleries going, as no matter how many foes he puts away, there are always about ten more villains looking to prove their worth with absolute gusto.

We've got big scaly villains, we've got terrifying nightmarish villains, we've got villains who use their brains over their brawn, and then we've got...well those that don't use any sense at all and get completely embarrassed by Batman in mere seconds.

Now I know this sounds like I'm leading in to talk about the disappointment on a stick battle that was Juicy Bruce VS the Electrocutioner but believe it or not this "fight" can actually be beaten in terms of absolute naff-ness and it happened in the otherwise pitch-perfect Arkham Asylum title. I'm speaking of course about the showdown, what little there is, between Bats and Harley Quinn.

Now Quinn Vs Batman was always going to be a bit one-sided seeing as The Dark Knight has trained for years in several martial arts styles, has an array of gadgets and a genius level intellect, and Harley has....er....she has a great attitude and a hit TV show. However, I think all of us were a little disappointed when the conflict between the pair boiled down to:

Harley backflipping towards Batman, being routinely schooled, and then taking a breather against a barbed wire fence before being schooled a second time and locked up.

Seriously, Harley's boss fight is a bigger joke than anything The Joker could come up with.

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