8 Video Game Habits You Will NEVER Break

Autosave? Let me save again to be sure.

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The video game industry is an extremely habitual one.

From annualized sequels that force players to run the same gambit over and over in a manner you could call "conditioning", to its over-reliance on games as a service which in day after day, if there's one thing that publishers want you to be doing at all points of the day, it's playing.

Well, playing and spending money on in-game purchases.

Still, even within this hamster wheel, there are even more machinations that help gamers form positive and negative habits - some of which become so deeply engrained that we stand no hope of ever breaking them.

What makes some of these hilarious though is when you're able to take a step back and actually analyse what you're doing, because not only do some of them make no sense whatsoever, but others are just so downright weird that we may want to have a word with ourselves.

8. Finding Out If You Can Kill Story Characters

video game reloading call of duty
Rockstar Games & /r/GamingDetails

In a world where so much effort is poured into the smallest of video game details (did you know that Skyrim has ants that go about their day-to-day life?) it's become something of a challenge to find each and every one of these moments.

This has resulted in some rather amusing discoveries that must have come about through equally hilarious experiments, and one can only imagine how long some dedicated soul took to find out that horse testicles change size with the weather in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Another example that must look utterly insane to outsiders is when players try to find out who's actually an "essential" character in games AKA shooting and stabbing teammates to see if anything actually happens to them.

On the rare occasion, you'll actually be able to send them flying, or even worse kill them outright, and because some devs unlocked this feature for players, it's become a deeply rooted habit to the point that the first thing some players do is give their own team a shot to the chops.

It's bizarre, it's definitely bullying, but also it's a habit some gamers can't break.

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