8 Video Game Rewards You Only Get ONE Chance To Grab - Commenter's Edition

Your one chance: Round...Two? Wait, what?

Vincent Ffvii Chaos

One of the best things about working on YouTube (besides the sheer thrill of dancing for pennies every single day) is that as content creators we get to engage with audience members from all across the world. From chatting at length about hidden secrets to being told we need to pronounce everything EXACTLY LIKE THEY DO, it's a pleasure of different measures each and every time.

However the best interactions are when we get suggestions for entries for lists we've previously done. Recently, I scribbled and dribbled my way through one on Video Game Unlockables Rewards You Only Get One Chance To Grab, and upon opening up the video again, I saw a bevy of new comments highlighting others I'd missed.

So in a massive example of irony, it's time for a sequel to a list that only had one chance to get it right. Will we spit in the face of convention and get a third from this list? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

In the meantime, prep those save points, read those guides ahead of time because if you venture too far, well you're done for my friend.

8. Cid Orlandu - Final Fantasy Tactics

Vincent Ffvii Chaos
Square Enix

Let it be known: Final Fantasy Tactics is not an easy game. Whereas the RPG counterpart of the series will gradually ramp up the difficulty across the main narrative, the tactics games absolutely batter you straight out of the gate and drop to a mild bollock stomping by the end.

Therefore, you're going to want to get every single bit of help that you can get a hold of, and that usually translates to recruiting the strongest fighters to your roster. Which makes it all the more strange that, as Shiny_FX has pointed out, Cid is a mediocre combatant at best, yet he's most definitely going to be the most easily missed and potentially most useless unlockable in the game.

To unlock Cid for recruitment, you basically need to have completed everything in the game 100% bar the final mission. Only then will he emerge to show off his, er, pretty average skills. It wouldn't be so bad if you could drop back and level him up, but remember you're at a point where capping off the game is but one mission away, so you have to ask... what was the point of this?


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