8 Video Game Secrets That ONLY Appear On Xmas Day

HO HO HO-ly crap, Santa's in Shenmue?!

Shenmue santa

'Tis the season my friends!

It's a time for gift-giving, long glugs of egg nog and thanks to an ongoing global situation, a turkey dinner over Skype with the family (hey at least when you argue about the annual game of Monopoly, you can just fake a bad connection and peace out).

All joking aside, the current state of the world has definitely put a dampener on the whole "spirit of Christmas" vibe, and it's a little harder to be jolly without the joys of younger siblings waking you up at two in the morning, having to clear up mountains of wrapping paper and of course, eating the same leftovers for three weeks straight after (BUBBLE AND SQUEAK ANYONE?!).

However, fret not, as the comforting hug of gaming across this winter period will always be a warm embrace, and to make the period even more palatable, these video games went above and beyond by hiding little secrets, Easter Eggs and even special features in their games that only triggered on Christmas day.

So let's warm ourselves by the fire, forget about the real world and open a different kind of present with these digital gifts that keep on giving.

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8. Batman: Arkham City - Calendar Man Christmas

Shenmue santa
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

If there's one thing scarier than crime, it's a crime that's on time. Say hello to Julian Day AKA The Calender Man from Batman's Rogue Gallery. This date-obsessed death dealer might not look like much, but he's caused more than a few problems for Gotham's regulars by concocting bizarre plots that take place on specific National Holidays.

Basically, if you're celebrating anything in Gotham, there's a chance he might turn up and ruin the fun. You can actually find Day whiling away his own within Arkham City, and as a lovely little Easter Egg, the devs decided to have jail-bird Jules sing you specific blues depending on the date of your console or PC internal clock.

However, while the concept of this Easter Egg is fun, the actual story is pretty harrowing! Calendar Man tells Bats about how he strangled a street corner Santa, then used the man's suit to sneak into an Xmas party so that he could wrap lights around a Judge's neck and hang him from his own house display. Woof.

Definitely one for the naughty list.

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