8 Video Game Trophies That Took YEARS To Get

Make like a tree and... stay there?

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Video game trophy hunting is one of those things you need to either fully dedicate yourself to or not worry about at all. Those in the latter group will probably emit a mildly enthusiastic ‘huh’ or perhaps even a ‘how about that’ when a trophy pops that they weren’t expecting.

The trophies on this list were either so obtuse that it took a while to work out how to obtain them, they had insanely difficult requirements, or some literally straight-up told you that you’d be waiting years to get them at which point said game would cough it up.

Whatever the case, these trophies would take a prime spot in your gaming cabinet and rightly so.

As any achievement data collection site will tell you, and as I’ve keenly learned while researching this list, trophies are no match for the most determined of hunters, so consider this list populated with trophies that would take years to get, because evidently trophy hunters are a different breed and I’m honestly a little scared of them.

8. Lowest Of The Low - Crypt Of The Necrodancer

tree simulator 2023
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If you’re a little bummed by the fact that this list isn’t populated by trophies that went unobtained for years, this entry should explain why that is.

Crypt of the Necrodancer is a charming rhythm-focussed roguelike where you move to the beat while beating enemies down before they can take you down. It sounds adorable but it is actually really bloody difficult. That’s before you take into account trying to claim its Platinum trophy for yourself, a herculean effort that might be one of the toughest challenges ever put forward by video games, especially because of a dastardly challenge set by the Lowest of the Low gold trophy.

This trophy asks players to complete an entire run using all characters without picking up any items except gold or using any shrines. That means no improved gear, no extra damage dealt, no way to decrease damage received, and all but ensures almost every hit you take will result in a game over.

To put the challenge in perspective, only 21 players have reported attaining this one on psnprofiles. That’s 21 people since the game came out in 2015.

And how long did it take a player to log that they managed to overcome what is communally accepted to be one of the hardest trophies ever let loose upon the medium? Just over a year. Which is a long time, but like I said, you just can’t underestimate trophy hunters.


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