8 Video Game Trophies Totally Based On Luck

It all comes down to the luck of the draw.

Returnal Trophy

For trophy and achievement hunters, the only other thing they fear more than one being broken, is one solely based on random number generation. (RNG).

This can leave any who attempt to achieve a certain out in the cold for an unexpectedly long time - because the numbers aren’t always on our side.

RNG is totally necessary for some games and actually helps alleviate much of the workload for some devs, but we need to get this away from trophies and achievements, full stop. Because if that wasn’t bad enough, sometimes the tracking on games can be so broken, it's nothing but pot luck whether something pops.

So with this list, we’ll attempt to shed some light on trophies that might give plays a hard time to pop and really make us all work for them.

Beware of these... or make sure you’ve got a decent few hours of podcasts lined up.

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