8 Video Game Updates That Changed EVERYTHING

From GTA to Pokémon, these video game updates were well worth the wait.

GTA Online Heists

As grim as the situation is, in the modern era of video games, it's not uncommon for titles to ship in an unfinished state. With the rise of "Games-as-a-Service" and Early Access titles, developers and publishers are able to push out products that haven't even been finalized while still charging full price for the privilege.

This can lead to a worrying situation where those early adopters of even AAA titles cement themselves into the foundation of a game in the hopes that one day it'll be finished to a state beyond their wildest expectations.

Yet, while the gamble is often large for those early investors, sometimes it can pay off, as with the support and funding from these passionate pre-order players, developers can set about making changes and content that truly deliver the goods.

And what makes this even sweeter is when these code jockeys release literal game-changing content packs for free, rewarding those who paved the way as well as offering brand new experiences for those looking to join in the fun.

8. Pokémon Go - Trainer Battle Update

GTA Online Heists

The Summer of 2016 truly was the dawning of a new age for Pokémon fans around the world, as suddenly their mobile devices were flooded with more critters and bugs than if they'd downloaded a program called "Soopa Smash Bros Legit Bowsette Nudes" app.

Pokémon Go landed with the impact of a sledgehammer, getting Pokémon trainers across the globe off their butts and into the streets to capture fan favorites wherever they went.

It was a pretty strange sight to see all these people rock up to hotspots around the country and tap their phones so much you could hear their screens cry out in pain, but there was something missing from the experience. For while it's everyone's goal to catch 'em all, many players lamented the inability to battle friends and foes from the get-go.

Enter patch 0.131.1 (catchy right?) which dropped at the tail end of 2018. This allowed players to finally team up and take each other on, changing the entire tone of the game in the process. Now it wasn't just a box-ticking simulator it was a real Pokémon experience! It may have taken two years to arrive, but when it did it rolled out with the same force as Whitney's bloody Miltank.


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