8 Video Game Villains That Tricked You Into Helping Them

Masterminds of Machiavellian manipulation.

Handsome Jack Borderlands

It's an age-old adage that sometimes a story is only as good as its villain, and you have to see a lot of truth in that.

After all, with so many bland as flavorless gruel protagonists being forced down our throats by Hollywood and the multitudes of fiction novels that present blank slate heroes for us to project ourselves onto, the villain becomes the focal point, hamming it up or otherwise providing a narrative anchor to the proceedings.

As such it's hard not to fall in love with some of these egos of evil that have populated our favourite video games, as whether they're over the top or simply over the edge of sanity, a good villain will suck not just the plot but also the player into their charismatic gravitational pull.

In fact some video game villains do such a good job of commandeering the scenes they're in that it's not uncommon for the player themselves to fall prey to their charms and even end up helping them from time to time.

Even the most stalwart of heroes with the purest of hearts have fallen foul of the sweet sounds of sinister from time to time, and these entries form examples of mastermind machiavellian manipulations.


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8. The Brickster - Lego Island

Handsome Jack Borderlands
Traveller's Tales


Now I know it might seem a little odd to have a villain from the Lego Island series on this absolute killer's row of other big bads, but the Brickster sure does earn his spot as not only does he completely con our hero Pepper Roni (sigh) but does so in one of the most ludicrous ways ever.

So, one day, as Pepper is outliving his annoyingly voiced and very very stupid life, his parents who own the island's pizzeria get a call asking for some hot slices to be delivered to the jail. Now while the voice sure does sound suspicious, we can't keep a paying customer waiting!

So it's up to Pepper to deliver the pizza as quickly as possible, which for this game means moving about two feet a minute such was the slideshow pace at which this game ran.

Arriving at the prison, and I can't believe this is a thing, the fumes from the pizza melt the locks of Brickster's cell. What the hell type of toppings would allow this to happen? Still, thanks to your utter idiocy, the main villain is free!

If only this could have been easily prevented! IF ONLY.

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