8 Video Game Weapons You Were ASHAMED To Use

Put it away. Please.

Farsight perfect dark

When it comes to video game heroes, sometimes you're only as mighty as the weapon you wield.

Whether that's a sword the size of a bus, a gun that can melt daemons from the inside out, or even just your wit and intellect in a battle of words, if you don't have the right tools at your disposal then you'll likely be made to feel like a different type a tool as the Big Evil of the land laughs in your face.

Therefore it's not uncommon for video games to provide ever increasingly powerful and over-the-top weapons for players to wield, yet that doesn't stop a fair few devs from using pokers, prodders, and slashers to humiliate the player base.

From being so powerful that other gamers called them out for "easy strats", forcing players to rely on these weapons to get them through a rough patch or were just so downright embarrassing you'd not want to be caught dead holding them, sometimes a weapon you picked ended up being a mark of shame on your soul forever.

8. Model 1887 Akimbo - Modern Warfare 2

Farsight perfect dark

When it comes to Call Of Duty the roster of weapons that you're either a total dick for using or should be ashamed to have relied upon so heavily could actually fill a list all on its own, such was the developer's almost surgical skill of placing in shooters, spooters and spirit kickers with big booters into the mix and then walking away for a few months apathetically shrugging as the player base melts from within.

You've got your nukes, you've got your bouncing betties, you've got your ballistic knives and of course, you've got your noob tubes, which in all honesty I was going to put on this list because A, they are the literal embodiment of kills with no skills and B, the name "noob tube" alone really should make anyone ashamed to use them.

And then I remembered the Model 1887.

Or to be more specific I remember the moment I got killed from nearly halfway across the map but a player dual wielding these supposed shotguns and then muttering "God has forsaken us". This one moment was then forced through a kaleidoscope of pain in which nearly every player began to rely on this loadout, utterly killing the competitive scene for months and the worst part of it all?

The shame didn't come from how quickly it killed other players or how broken it was, no no, the shame came from being forced to use this loadout in order to stay afloat. It was an "evolve or die" situation and it was the absolute worst.


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