8 Video Games Even Diehard Fans Hate

Testing your resolve one title at a time.

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There's something truly amazing about being a part of a fandom. Whether it's spawned from film, TV, books, music or whatever niche niceness that you've stumbled across, when you're part of a fanbase you can geek out to your hearts content.

You could spend all night discussing the minutia of new media that others wouldn't even care to look at with your newfound friends, you can meet up with like minded people at events, and of course you can do take part in the age old tradition of defending everything about your passion even if some of it is utter s**te.

When you're in deep it's hard to see the flaws of your beloved video game franchise, and you'll pick many a hill to die on when it comes to criticisms, and yet there are times where even blind faith isn't enough and we all have to shrug and admit that "yeah this one actually kind of sucks"

So whatever camp you're from let's unite under the banner of giving out about games that gave their fanbases the finger.

8. Batman Arkham Knight (PC Edition)

tony hawk's pro skater 5
Warner Bros.

The Arkham games are truly some of Batmans finest moments, each pitting one of the best superheroes known to man against overwhelming odds set against a fantastically engaging environment that grew ever more detailed with each release.

And yet while a lot of fans might grumble about how Arkham: Origins wasn’t up to scratch when it came to delivering on the bat juice, there is one installment that is the Bane of the entire fanbase and that’s the PC Version of Arkham Knight.

Now Knight itself was a beautiful looking game on consoles and PC players initially rubbed their hands together at the thought of how Big Bruce would look on their rigs. It’s just a shame that PC owners were “blessed” with a frame rate in the slideshow range meaning they could look at all the intricate shading errors and missing textures they could handle, and that’s if the game even bloody run at all.

But no worries Warner Bros. will fix this right? Wrong. They pulled the game from steam, patched it, put it back on, realised it was still broken and so shrugged the whole thing off by offering full refunds instead of attempting to fix the game again. And it’s still broken to this day. What a pile of guano.


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