8 Video Games That Changed Due To Fan Feedback

Sometimes developers respond to good ideas as much as they do to controversy.

mass effect andromeda

Video games are an inherently collaborative art form. While there might be a director overseeing the whole project who gets final say on the major decisions, there are hundreds of people across different departments all putting their own stamp on things, offering feedback, and helping shape the project in both big and small ways.

That creative process often leads to suggestions and advice that make good games even better. After all, a second opinion is always essential, as any creative can become attached to an idea that everyone thinks is bad, but they're certain is genius.

Collaboration is key, but it doesn't always come from inside the companies making these major releases. Sometimes, it's the fans who directly influence how a game is made.

Whether it's because the developers sought advice from die-hards before committing to an idea or backlash forced their hand to change a controversial feature, fan feedback has been integral in shaping some of the biggest games ever.


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