8 Video Games That Ended Before They Started

7. The Force Unleashed II

star wars the force unleashed 2 ending

As much as I'm sure we all enjoyed the amped-up action that made up the backbone of Star Wars The Force Unleashed II, I think it's fair to say that when it came to the actual content, the spine of this tile was broken in half, not a few hours in.

I say this because, even at a slow pace you can cap off this game in about four to five hours, which is pretty insulting considering the full price tag this came with let alone that it flies in the face of the two things that all sequels should strive to be aka Bigger and Better. Honestly, things feel so phoned in that you could replace half the alien forms of the Star Wars universe with that roving ballbag E.T and things would fit better, as you'll be exploring a mighty FOUR AREAS TWO OF WHICH ARE ON THE SAME PLANET.

And yet, what hurts the most about this game is that this offshoot series contained so much potential to be great. The act of exploring the Dark Side, working for and then against The Empire and indulging in levels of violence not really seen in Star Wars video games since was something that could have been mined for several years had the devs actually bothered to put more into the game than the leftovers to the first with some fan fiction sprinkled on top.

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