8 Video Games That Fooled You Into Thinking You'd Lost

7. DON'T START FOREST FIRES! - The Quest For Glory III

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Sierra Entertainment

When playing any of the Sierra Entertainment Quest titles, you best be prepared to meet your maker countless times across your numerous journeys, because in these games, a humorous death is only one click away.

You can get knocked out by a bear, slip and drown in a river, or even have a robot emerge from your trousers and kill you (Space Quest was a weird game). However, nothing is so panic-inducing and then utterly hilarious as the "Smokey The Elephant" death in The Quest for Glory III: Wages of War

During the events of the game, the player leaves their campsite to head out into the Savannah, however as they leave, sometimes the game will randomly throw up a text box saying that as they didn't douse the fire before they left, they've gravely upset Smokey The Elephant, and are then hit with a Game Over!

This is an obvious reference to Smokey The Bear who lest we never forget is a big fan of making sure we put out fires or at the very least never end up causing them.

Thankfully, the game doesn't burn away our progress and reveals that this was just a joke, but the fact that it throws this up and only offers you the usual options of reset or load previous save, it sure was a jarring moment.


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