8 Video Games That Fooled You Into Thinking You'd Lost

5. Stupid Door - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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In Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you'll learn quickly that facing your fears is actually the worst thing you can do, as in a game in which your defenses reach the extent of wetting yourself and crying, meeting your nightmares in close quarters is never going to end well.

As such you'll be looking for escape routes each and every time the fleshy abominations of this horrifying title come shambling out towards you. This is of course exactly what the game completely exploits midway through the game.

Normally when you get grabbed by these ghoulies, you'll be hit with a Game Over and a swift boot back to a previous checkpoint, yet at one point in the game, you rush through a door only to be met with a group of monsters, and upon realizing the door you just came through has now been locked, you are overwhelmed quickly by the beasts.

Immediately you'll be retracing your steps, questioning if there was anything you could have done to avoid this. Just when you're about to get out the charts and sheets, you'll notice that instead of the usual game over screen that offers "advice" such as "Run asap", it now just reads "sleep". Soon, the game continues loading up a new section which sees you trying to escape a jail cell.

It's a brilliant tease, and creates a true moment of panic, unsettling the player even further as they venture on.


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