8 Video Games That Killed You By Accident

Wrong place, wrong time.

batman arkham origins joker
Warner Bros

It probably goes without saying but the actual act of creating a video game is an incredibly challenging affair.

Beyond all of the hours spent learning how to correctly animate your lead hero’s rad 90’s soul patch, you’ve got the almost monolithic task of slotting all of your pieces together in a manner that won’t keel over and die at the first hurdle.

It might be shocking to realize, but even the biggest triple-A video game titles that have had months, even years of careful attention and millions of dollars poured into them, are basically held together with duct tape and the collective will of every developer who worked on it.

Therefore, it’s not at all surprising to find that glitches and bugs still end up making their way to market from time to time.

From the missing faces of Assassin's Creed to the absolute insanity of the Cougar People from the original Red Dead Redemption, some glitches go on to become absolutely infamous, yet rarely do these little bugs end up absolutely destroying the player.

Well, these examples are at the top of the sh*t list as not only did these coding errors ruin the immersion, but in some cases obliterated their chances of ever finishing the title!

8. Broken Pro Mode Broken QTE’s! - Resident Evil 4 (Switch & PC)

batman arkham origins joker

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll have played through the majestic Resident Evil 4 multiple times, experiencing the joys of the kinetic action, horrible monsters, and of course, Leon S. Kennedy’s floppy fringe again and again.

However, if you were playing the game on PC or Switch, you might be experiencing another terrifying scenario, that being that the QTE’s randomly never seemed to work!

To be more specific the bug only reared its head in Professional Mode, which required the player to smash buttons quicker than other difficulties during certain Quick-Time Events, yet thanks to an issue caused by the frame rates on both Switch and PC, the player literally couldn’t input them fast enough when using keyboards or Switch Pro controllers!

Professional Mode punishing Pro controller users? That’s deeply ironic. Although I doubt that Switch players were appreciating the situation and more likely screaming at their TVs as to why the hell things weren't working as intended.


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