8 Video Games That Punished You For Being Good

7. Disco Elysium

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It turns out that playing a colossal loser in a video game is just as hard as it is to live out this bad hand in real life, and Disco Elysium, while being one of the most beautifully animated and indeed written games in recent memory, instills one very clear message in you.

Trying to do the right thing, is sometimes the wrong thing.

Waking up to find his memory obliterated by excessive alcoholism, detective Harry must piece together not only a murder case, but also his own fractured psyche. It's an immersive title, but is one that is very clear to teach you that what you think you know isn't going to fly in a foreign land.

Treating people with respect and kindness sometimes leads to them taking advantage, refusing to give up information now that you've shown a desperate need to please. Pushing hard with the fact that you're a police officer looking for justice, will see the world grow cold as you're "just another pig" to the locals.

The idea of "what even makes a person good?" is an ever-circling question, and come the end of Disco Elysium's pulling narrative, you'll have left a tonne of questionable decisions and regrettable actions in your wake that were all born from you trying to play things pure.


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